Wednesday, February 27, 2013

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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Halloween 2012

 These first pictures are from the ward Halloween party.  I regret not getting any pictures of the back of Carson's costume, since that was the best part.  He was some kind of inch worm, or catapiller and the back really made the costume, plus the way the "tail" or bottom of the worm part waddled as Carson walked was hilarious!
 Sydney was some kind of queen or princess.  She didn't really care what it was but she love the big pretty dress with the hoop skirt.  Tyson actually wanted to be a bat, but we never found a costume for him, so instead of choosing something else, he decided to be the same thing as last year, a knight.  I thought that was great, saves me money and time (and Carson's costume came from a garage sale for $3).

 This picture was from Halloween night, right before trick-or-treating.  On this night Tyson decided to be a Koala, which some good friends had passed down to us a while back.

A very cute picture from the Halloween party at the church.  Tyson didn't want to be the witch, but Sydney was the only one tall enough to reach the scarecrow spot.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Tyson turns 6!

 First thing in the morning there is a mysterious shape in the living room.
 Oh my!  It's a new bike for Tyson!
 Tyson wanted to go to Grandma's house for his party, so we had pizza, cake and icecream up there.

He wanted an Angry bird cake, just like last year.  This one looks different than last year's though.

Tyson's Pumpkin Patch Field Trip

 Tyson was the luckiest kid in kindergarten because he got to have both his mom and dad go with him.  We rode on a hay wagon, then picked out pumpkins.

 The kids went down a giant slide, and got to taste frest apple cider and donuts.

There were also animals to feed and pet.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Sydney's Triathalon

Sydney participated in a kids triathalon this morning. 
 Here she is at registration.
 Getting ready for the swim with other friends, Hannah, Eric and Tayson.
 Lining up, it's almost time.
 Sydney chose the long course, which is a 100 yard swim, or 4 lengths of the pool.
And she's off! Check out this video.

 The final lap.
 All done, running is next.
 The run, which Sydney did more of a run/walk, was 1.5 miles.

 She was tired.  But she says the swim was harder than the run.

 Time for a quick drink before the bike.

 Jump on your bike, don't forget your helmet.

 This is part of the giant bridge they rode on, which crosses the Willamette river. The bike was 3.5 miles.  Sydney is up there at the top if you look closely.
 When the bike is over, they run to the finish line, which had a surprise obstical course!

 Up the final wall,

 and down the slide to the finish line!  Yea Sydney!

All finished, now she gets snacks, jamba juice, a t-shirt and a metal.  She had a great time and can't wait to do it again next year.


The preschool pet this year is Puffles.  Each kids gets a turn to take him home for a few days, then talk about what they did with him in class later.  It is Carson's turn, and he LOVES Puffles!

Soccer for Tyson

 Tyson started soccer this fall.  It is his first time playing.  He loves that his jersey is red and the number 2, which is the same and his baseball uniform from last spring.  He isn't very aggressive, but is definately the fastest on his team.  He also can kick the ball the farthest.  He scored one goal in each of the first three game, and scored 3 goals in today's game!  When asked which sport he likes better, his answer is still baseball.

First Day of School

 Sydney is a 3rd grader!  She loves her new teacher, and so far hasn't been complaining about going to school.  I think this class is a lot more "fun".
 Tyson's first day of Kindergarten was a few days later.  Tyson didn't really want to go for the first few days, but now that he's got the routine down he really likes going.
Carson started preschool.  All three kids are in the same building, so they get to see each other every now and then, going to and from recess, etc.  Carson still complains about having to go to school, but he has a good time when he's there, and he's happy when I pick him up.
As for me, I was excited to get 2 times a week for 2 1/2 hours with no kids.  But it turns out I'm going to volunteer in the kid's classrooms on Tuesday's, so I guess one day a week will have to do.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Beverly Beach with the Aylworths 2012

We love camping at Beverly Beach because they have such cool trees all over the camp ground.
 These trees are called octopus trees.

 The kids learned in a nature class for campers that during WWI a bunch of trees were cut down around this coastal area.  Then seeds for new trees grew on top of the remaining stumps sending the roots over the sides and down (this particular kind of tree can grow bark on it's roots), then eventually the old original stumps rotted away, leaving open areas under and inside the tree.

Pretty fun to play in, huh?

The kids inside the lodge for their nature class.  They attended 2 while we were there.  One about the octopus trees and another about whales.  They also got to make crafts.

 The only down side is that it's always chilly at the beach.  So we like to sit by the fire alot.

 And of course we spend time on the beach too.  They never get tired of that.